Poland has survived worse than this shift to conservatism. Don’t despair


“‘Putinism with a Polish face!” “Cultural revolution à la Polonaise!” “Orbanisation on the Vistula!” (Orbanisation refers of course to Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán’s model of illiberal democracy.) I listen to my Polish friends’ Cassandra cries after voters handed victory to a conservative Eurosceptic party in Sunday’s general election, and I think “Hang on a minute, old friends, let’s see what comes, and what we can do about it. Poland has been through worse than this, and there will be other elections.” Yet on one thing we must all agree: this matters. Poland is the biggest success story of post-communist Europe and the leading regional power between an overstretched Germany and a rampant Russia. As Spain and Italy struggle with the effects of the eurozone crisis, and Britain has marginalised itself until its referendum on EU membership, the rest of Europe needs Poland more than ever.

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