Poland’s new right-wing leaders have crossed a line


FOR TWO decades Poland has been a leader among the post-communist nations of Central Europe, with a rapidly growing economy and mounting influence as a member of NATO and the European Union. So the sudden eruption of a political crisis in Warsaw that senior political and legal figures say has endangered the country’s democracy has delivered a shock on both sides of the Atlantic.

The right-wing Law and Justice party, which won a majority in Parliament in an Oct. 25 election, has in a matter of weeks prompted the head of the European Parliament to talk about a “coup,” while tens of thousands of Poles have joined demonstrations by a newly organized Committee for the Defense of Democracy. The alarms were triggered partly by controversial appointments, including of a chief of security services previously convicted of abuse of power, and by suggestions that the new authorities will seek to purge the media or prosecute former prime minister Donald Tusk, now president of the European Council, the European Union’s highest body.

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