Poland to demolish about 500 Soviet monuments


Poland plans to demolish about 500 Soviet monuments throughout the country like this one in Warsaw. Polish authority wants to remove all reminders of Soviet invasion and subsequent decades-long political dominance from the streets.

The decision was announced by the Institute of National Remembrance. It’s responsible for investigating crimes against the Polish nation. According to the head of the Institute, the preservation of the monuments was “a fatal mistake” and they should have been demolished in the early 1990s. Polish authority also announced thestreets connected with the Communist past of the country must disappear from the Polish cities.

But Polish government will continue to care for the graves of the Soviet soldiers located in Poland.

Read more: http://uatoday.tv/society/poland-plans-to-demolish-for-about-500-soviet-monuments-throughout-the-country-626791.html



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  1. Lech Jaworski on

    This was an insult to the invaded nation to harbour monuments of the aggressors. At least Germans did not built themselves monuments other than Auschwitz concentration camp.

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