Poland denies presidential snub by US


Poland’s foreign minister has used some ripe words rebutting claims that President Duda has been snubbed by his US counterpart. As Poland’s international image nose dives, this may not the most diplomatic way to go.

Andrzej Duda is traveling to Washington for a security summit on Thursday and Friday and reportedly has no meetings scheduled with US President Barack Obama or any key US leaders.

Although not alone in this (the White House has so far announced only three will have one-on-one meetings with Obama: the leaders of China, Japan and South Korea), the notion that Duda has been snubbed as a reprimand over the Polish government’s allegedly anti-democratic actions since coming to power last year has been mooted in Poland.

“Barack Obama’s rejection of Andrzej Duda’s request for a meeting is the biggest failure of Polish diplomacy under the conservative ruling party that gained power in last year’s elections,” commentator Jedrzej Bielecki wrote Wednesday in Rzeczpospolita, a daily newspaper in Warsaw.

Poland’s top security official, Pawel Soloch, said that Duda was “essentially” prepared for a meeting with Obama, but that it would be up to the US side to organize it. So far, it hasn’t.

The “N” word

Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski was quick to deny the non-meeting was a snub, but ran into some linguistic issues on the way.

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