London mayor race: how will Polish Londoners vote?


At least 100,000 Polish citizens will have to right to vote for the British capital’s next mayor, with attitudes to Europe likely to influence their choice of candidates.

Today, Monday 18 April, is the final day for registering to vote in the London election on 5 May. This has not escaped the notice of the Federation of Poles in Great Britain, the long-standing representative of the country’s 60-odd Polish member organisations. It has urged Polish citizens living in the capital who have not yet signed up to do so while there’s still time.

While acknowledging that Polish Londoners aren’t allowed to vote in Britain’s EU referendum in June, the organisation’s chair, Tadeusz Stenzel, has encouraged them to “fully exercise their democratic powers as EU citizens” by taking part in the London vote. Polish is the second most common language spoken in the capital. The Federation’s research has indicated that about 100,000 Polish Londoners are currently eligible to help pick the capital’s next mayor and LondonAssembly members out of a total population of around 185,000.

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