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Gazeta Gazeta is published in Polish, but we have heard on many occasions that it is too bad that it is not accessible to those who are interested in Poland, but do not speak Polish. These are second or third generation Poles in various countries, our non-Polish friends, spouses and their families, who would like to learn more about our fascinating country of origin.

And this is how we came up with the idea of this segment – Polonium.GazetaGazeta.com. It provides links to Internet news and articles written in English about Poland. It is also a fascinating insight for English speaking Poles into the way Poland is presented in world’s media.

Polonium.GazetaGazeta.com was just the first element of our larger project which we named POLONIUM.

Poland is a fascinating country, one of Europe’s leaders, with rich and fascinating history, stunning landscapes, amazing speed and range of changes and development which have created a new modern country, and, most of all, people who shine in many areas, contributing their own unique perspective to world’s art, culture, and science.

Information about all these exciting faces of Poland is scattered and often available only in Polish. We want to make it accessible to those who are interested in Poland, but do not speak Polish.

We want Polonium to be a hub, a focal point, from which you will be able to travel further into any of its numerous avenues. It will not be a static encyclopedic database, but a living, dynamic forum, an always expanding and evolving source of information about Poland’s past and present for those who travel to Poland, have business or personal relations with Poland, wish to establish professional or other links there, for young people who want to learn about Poland.

We want YOU to present what you do around the world and learn about others. The only common denominator is Poland and polishness. Contact us with your ideas and suggestions – at Contact Us.

Polonium is a non-profit initiative, carried out by us on a volunteer basis.

Margaret P. Bonikowska – mbonikowska@gazetagazeta.com

Tomek Kniat – tkniat@gazetagazeta.com

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